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Saito machine metal
100-1, Kamiizumicho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0270-22-2611
FAX. 0270-22-2614

Always with the passage of times
A product best sincerely
■After Care
The quality control after the delivery is perfect, too.
■Series type for the ice cream
  Bar freezer / rotary type
  Bar freezer / mold /
  Filler / dispenser et al.
  Production sale / of various metal products
■A tofu production machine and automatic boiling
■Frozen food automatic production
 Machine design, production sale
■Overall a lot of Ren reply processing
■ALC panel board reinforcing rod production


Company profile


We were founded in 1930 and produced a copper utensil tool and a food apparatus and always met the voice of the times including the saving energy let alone the durability with the consistency from the mold production of the high quality to an ice bar freezer.
In the late years, the production of the mold increases with popularity of the stick ice cream, too and I am connected directly with an ice cream manufacturer and achieve achievements with technical improvement.
In addition, I bring about the epoch-making mold or oil reply catch arm which utilized the latest technique and material to the full in order to cope with outbreak of the loss in process of manufacture such as the food, HACCP system, various problems concerning the product liability law connection.
I work on a product structure in consideration for an environmental problem and, let alone technology development and improvement of the quality, want to add pressure in future.
Even if the times change in the 21st century, the good faith of the Saito machine and the mind of the service do not change. I hope that I have you recognize our characteristic and give you an order more and more.

Company profile

■Business nameSaito machine metal
■The location〒372-0045 100-1, Kamiizumicho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma
■Capital10 million yen
■The establishment dateMarch 7, 1930
■Accounting periodThe end of May (once a year)
■Officer full name・A chairperson of the board: Nobuyoshi Saito ・A representative director: Yoshiaki Saito ・An executive director: Tomio Saito ・Board member, manager: Mineo Saito ・The board member manager of Engineering Department: Kunihiro Nonaka
■The number of employeesA headquarters factory: 20 people
■Factory plottage3,000 square meters ・A production factory: 1,260 square meters ・Offices: 220 square meters ・A warehouse: 110 square meters
■Banker・Gunma Bank boundary Branch ・aio credit association boundary Branch ・East Gunma credit union ・shinonome credit association Isesaki Branch ・Ashikaga Bank Isesaki Branch
■Business contents・Series-type bar freezer / rotary type bar freezer / for the ice cream  Production sale of a lot of mold / filler / dispenser et al. metal product ・A tofu production machine and automatic boiling cooling sterilizer ・Frozen food automatic production machine design, production sale ・Overall a lot of Ren reply processing ・ALC panel board reinforcing rod production
■Machinery・A press machine (100t oil pressure, etc.): Ten ・A machine tool (fraise and others): Ten ・A sheet metal machine (shirring, etc.): Seven ・A welder (300A): Ten ・A robot welder: Three
■Main delivery・AKAGI NYUGYO Co., Ltd. ・AQLI Foods Corporation ・Imuraya Confectionery ・Ezaki Glico Company, Limited and the associated companies ・Ohayo Dairy Products ・Cooperation dairy business and the associated companies ・Kracie Foods ・NARASAKI SANGYO ・Fuji food industry ・Futaba Food ・ganeiseikakabushikikaisha ・Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd. ・Meiji Milk Products and the associated companies ・Meito Sangyo Co., Ltd. and the associated companies ・Morinaga & Co., Ltd. and the associated companies ・Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. ・Company and Mahiro ・The Lotte ICE CREAM connection companies The above, the order of the kana syllabary


■March, 1930
Predecessors in the family line Saito Motoyoshi founds Saito copper utensil tool Seisakujo in Tamamura-machi, Sawa-gun
■April, 1947
I change a business name of it to a Saito sheet metal industry place and move the factory to Sakai-machi, Sawa-gun
■September, 1960Factory new construction moves to SAITO SEISAKUSHO establishment, representative director Saito Motoyoshi appointment, town Yoneoka
■February, 1978Nobuyoshi Saito takes office as SAITO SEISAKUSHO, a representative director
■April, 1978It is stepped forward as yard contract subcontractor of Onoda ALC by Onoda eerushi Kanto factory
■April, 1979An advance, factory new construction move to boundary Jobu industrial area of Yajima in Sakai-machi, Sawa-gun
■June, 1980I found Daigo machine mill and a merger, a business name for Daigo machine industry and looking over capital 7 million yen
■October, 1980I change the business name to Saito machine metal and increase the capital to capital 10 million yen
■November, 1980I develop the domestic first rotary bar freezer
■November, 1981I develop a series-type bar freezer (by ter) and establish the full-scale production of ice cream food machines system
■January, 1989I start an advance, the production of the FRP product as yard cooperation factory of the Showa Highpolymer Isesaki factory
■March, 1991I establish the production of strong resin FRP system turning into 300t injiekushiyompuresu introduction, metal
■October, 1991I build more argon welding robots, and an automatic welding starts the top plate of the mold and the joining of chipu with a robot
■September, 1995It is success for the reconstruction without 1 sun of confusion to material original by the processing dated special low that is strength for the pole sheet stainless steel joining and the heat reduction of the vacuum kiln in an oxidation state
■July, 1996I start the production such as an advance, the battery electrode as yard cooperation factory of the Japan Storage Battery Gunma factory
■November, 1997It is succeeded by the development of New mold and the oilless catch arm
■August, 1998
I move the factory to Isesaki-shi and continue up to the present day
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