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Saito machine metal
100-1, Kamiizumicho, Isesaki-shi, Gunma
TEL. 0270-22-2611
FAX. 0270-22-2614

Always with the passage of times
A product best sincerely
■After Care
The quality control after the delivery is perfect, too.
■Series type for the ice cream
  Bar freezer / rotary type
  Bar freezer / mold /
  Filler / dispenser et al.
  Production sale / of various metal products
■A tofu production machine and automatic boiling
■Frozen food automatic production
 Machine design, production sale
■Overall a lot of Ren reply processing
■ALC panel board reinforcing rod production

Pioneer- always with the passage of times
Sincerity- honesty good faith, the best product
The quality control after the After Care- delivery is perfect, too.

The Saito machine metal head office

Ice bar freezer

I always keep it in mind to send relief and trust to a visitor. There is little loss of raw materials and is proud of domestic top-class high efficiency.

Rotary bar freezer

It is the thing by our country first purely domestic technique.

I have a good reputation for high operability and outstanding durability performance.
I lead the ice bar maker industry.
It is in-house production from a mold to the body consistently.
With the high cost performance and specifications,
I lead the ice bar maker industry.
Stick ice expanded a market and I stood in the van of the industry and came to our Hatsune in response to ice cream makers of request while I was reborn diversely.
I continue opening up needs from now on while letting the voice of the visitor feed back to a product through substantial aftercare let alone pursuit of productivity, the reliability.
<<Saito machine metal with a taste as a form>>o, please give me an order.
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